Lifelong Well-being

A new approach to workplace health: from wellness to well-being

Many employers recognize that true workplace engagement requires a new approach, one that comes from moving beyond wellness to well-being. At Cambia, well-being starts with empowering employees toward life balance—focusing on health status and risk factors, personal circumstances in life and career, and their unique needs—through the following pillars:

Community - Culture of well-being

Cambia’s approach to Lifelong Well-being is consumer and community-focused. The consumer needs drive our product roadmap evolution. With a committed approach to capturing consumer feedback and constant analysis of market trends, we stay on point with what’s needed and direct our efforts appropriately. 

At Cambia, we believe in living a culture of well-being and making positive impacts in our community. Tangible efforts such as the philanthropic work of our Corporate Social Responsibility and Cambia Health Foundation efforts to improve the health and well-being of our communities, our partnership with the Hood to Coast relay series and supporting women and minority opportunities are examples of how Cambia helps drive and advance community well-being interests.

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Our Employees

WellPower – Employee Well-being Solution

WellPower is our award-winning employee wellness program at Cambia that is open to all Cambia employees and is focused on helping and supporting employees to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A comprehensive solution, WellPower delivers a combination of programs, assessments, incentives, and rich content across a variety of topics. Our employees engage in challenges, community activities and set personal goals in areas such as weight management, nutrition, stress relief, physical activity and more.

Cambia Lives the Cause as one of Oregon’s Healthiest Employers

Since 2009, Healthiest Employer conducted hundreds of Healthiest Employer designation programs to recognize the leaders in corporate wellness. This regional designation is conducted in over 45 U.S. cities.

Cambia is proud to be recognized in the Top 5 Healthiest Employers in Oregon for 12 straight years.  Our employee wellness program offers well-being challenges, resources, and personalized programs to support employee health and we are honored to be recognized.

Well-being solutions

We support our customers by delivering engaging and effective well-being solutions. Focusing on the specific needs of Health Plans, Employers and employees, we offer a diverse portfolio of well-being product solutions that focus on engagement through a highly personalized and consumer-centered design.

Personalized Well-being Solutions 

For employer groups we market to through our regional health plans, we know that an employer’s most important asset is their employees. We also know that healthy engaged employees perform better and tend to stay longer. 

Our well-being solution will provide members with a personalized well-being experience that guides them to the next best step in their health journey. As members engage with the program– completing a health assessment, online programs and activities – the system will provide recommendations specific to that member and surface them right on their personalized well-being dashboard. The member experience is intuitive.

Program highlights include: 

  • Health Assessment
  • Online personal challenges
  • Self-guided digital programs
  • Device integration
  • Fully native mobile app
  • Healthwise library with decision-making tool and symptom checker

Our solution connects and integrates people, technology and benefit design through our user-friendly engagement platform. This guides members toward making the decisions for them in their personal health journey leveraging sophisticated data analytics that account for clinical needs and personal interests.

Our regional health plans offer our employer partners several different product options with varying degrees to support our employer partners. We offer various program packages to help design programming and promotions to holistically engage employee populations. Services include access to a Client Success Manager, Health Coaching, engagement and communication campaigns, as well as quarterly reporting and insights.

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Unified Well-being Solutions

For employers that want to offer a unified well-being experience to all employees regardless of health plan affiliation. Our stand-alone well-being product, BeyondWell is another option to help our clients promote a culture of well-being in the workplace through high-powered personalization, activities, self-guided programs and more. Learn more at www.beyondwellhealth.com.

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High Tech – High Touch 

Cambia’s approach to Lifelong Well-being involves a combination of people and technology to help drive individuals’ engagement with our solutions and improve health outcomes. The strategic balance of technology and human interaction helps drive engagement and ultimately improves outcomes. Integration with hundreds of wearables, mobile app technology and claims integration help surface data to drive actions. Our client success managers work closely with clients to customize and shape the experiences in a way that drives employee participation. Our Health Coaches are also on the front lines, available to help the consumer achieve their personal goals.

It’s this combination of human and technology that allows Lifelong Well-being deliver a ‘High Tech – High Touch’ portfolio.

Human Performance 

We are committed to providing a product solution-set that delivers practical adoption of behaviors leading to a more productive, engaged and happier individual.

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The Human Performance components of our products are built to assess and understand where the individual needs the most growth. Once we know where the focus should be, we deliver a personalized path to greater resilience. Areas such as nutrition, stress management, financial well-being, mindfulness and sleep are addressed with a unique combination of digital and human Coach interactions. Constantly adjusting to the consumer’s needs, we evolve the curricula and interventions to elevate the user’s well-being and result in greater Human Performance.

Readiness & Resilience

Cambia acknowledges the need to deliver solutions that elevate the readiness and resilience of both the individual and the employer. Resilience can be broad and goes far beyond stress contributing to many areas of life, wellbeing, and productivity and driving key business outcomes like performance and engagement.