Palliative Care & Caregiving

Why is Palliative Care Person-focused?

We believe that every person matters and every moment matters. That's why Cambia is so committed to palliative care and innovating the consumer experience for people and families living with serious illness.

Our goal is to help people live as well as possible for as long as possible and to support family caregivers. 

We have deployed every asset of our company to make that happen — with a holistic approach to advancing palliative care across our Foundation, health plans, strategic investments and technology innovations. 

All of these efforts focus on changing the experience of people with serious illness. 

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Who it Benefits

Darci Teats

Palliative Care: an extra layer of support that's personal

Providing case management to families and individuals experiencing a serious illness is an extra layer of support for members. Our regional health plan case manager, Darci Teats, shares what drives her to help patients navigate what quality of life looks like for each person — as a holistic approach to care.


Kathy Perko Bridges Program

Cambia Health Foundation partners for pediatric palliative care

Pediatric palliative care is distinctly different than adult palliative care. Since 2004, the Cambia Health Foundation has invested in the Bridges Program at OHSU Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital, a comprehensive palliative care program for children and their families facing a long-term life-threatening condition or active end-of-life care that focuses on ensuring a child’s comfort and improving quality of life. 


Archangels Employee Event May 2019

Supporting caregiving employees

Each year, over 40 million Americans of every age, gender, race and socioeconomic background serve as unpaid caregivers for their loved ones. The value these caregivers provide is incredible, but they can also face huge challenges as they navigate the health care journey. Cambia is dedicated to supporting our caregiving employees and members by working to ensure they feel included, honored and respected. As part of our efforts, we recently announced a new partnership with ARCHANGELS, a national movement to build caregiving communities and connect people to resources that can support them. 

To learn more about Cambia’s commitment to employees who are family caregivers, read some of their personal caregiving stories.


Transforming the Consumer Experience

We are committed to advancing palliative care through every pillar of our company – from our Foundation, to our health plans, to our investments and our consumer experience platform. Cambia invests in the area of palliative care because people-centric services are necessary to transform the way people experience the health care system.

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Corporate Philanthropy

Since its inception in 2007, the Cambia Health Foundation has made purposeful philanthropic investments totaling more than $36 million to advance palliative care awareness, access and workforce capacity.

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Regional Health Plans

With our regional health plans, we have created what has been called the most comprehensive palliative care benefit in the nation, supporting the entire palliative care spectrum, from birth – and even before birth - until natural completion of life.

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Innovative Solutions and Investments

Our strategic investing arm, Echo Health Ventures, invests in innovative companies that are making health care better for the people we serve. Additionally, Cambia is building a consumer experience platform powered by data analytics and human touch to deliver more personalized care experiences.  We believe next-generation solutions will provide great value to people with serious illness and the people who care for them.


We created a new Employee Resource Group, called our CARE PC ERG, to educate employees about our benefit and services, and offer them a safe place to discuss their own situations as caregivers.

ARCHANGELS, is a nationwide effort that leverages the retail channel as a way to identify, thank, and support caregivers by connecting them to the caregiver infrastructure that already exists (but that most caregivers don’t know about). Learn more about our employee stories.